Aviation DataMiner Delivers The Competitive Advantage:

The Strategic Intelligence Gateway

There are lots of sources for aviation data. But only one is designed to deliver the range of industry metrics and trend reports that meet the challenges of the aviation industry of the 21st century. Raw DOT/BTS data are sourced via mechanisms that fit the 1970s, but, without professional review and integrity checks, can be dangerous to rely upon.

DataMiner is live and updated constantly by our full-time tech staff. DataMiner subscribers can immediately analyze the data, putting it to competitive advantage in planning for the future. And, probably for a lot less money, too.

A Tool For Professionals Only. Aviation DataMiner™ is the source that industry leaders are turning to. It's built by aviation professionals, for aviation professionals. It's not for amateurs, university students, part-time journalists, or "consultants" who are not focused on the aviation industry. DataMiner is easy to use, but it's also a powerful analytical tool that requires expertise in the aviation industry.

Now! iPad & Droid Compatible. Not only is it a tool that delivers immense competitive advantage, it's now available wherever you are. DataMiner is the only source that is fully compatible with both iPad and Android devices...

... You're in an important meeting, and need the Analytical Firepower to get your point across? It's as near as your iPad. You can download, print, and display your data with lightning speed.

The Control Panel - Choose Your Data Array & Go

Whether you're on the road, at a meeting, or sitting in your office, Aviation DataMiner gives you access to not just aviation data and reports, but it has the unique capability to encompass virtually any data sets you need.

DataMiner's intuitive Strategic Intelligence Gateway is customizable, with easy to access Data Array tabs that deliver exactly the information sets you need...

The Data Array Tabs take you to the specific strategic databases you need. Remember, DataMiner is customized to your specific needs. In this example, the subscriber requested a special tab for key demographics in China. The technical staff at Boyd Group International can add datasets such as this at the subscriber's request, and develop user-requested data queries, too. DataMiner is not limited to just DOT reports - it's your gateway to the Analytical Firepower you specifically need. Have a need to relate data to census tracts? Need to relate capacity to specific times of day, or even by terminal? The technical expertise and aviation knowledge of Boyd Group International is ready to assist.

New, More Powerful Reports - Relevant to Today's Aviation Industry

Other data sources may say that they deliver "business intelligence" - but it mostly covers yesterday's airline business and the "intelligence" is just a data table. With Aviation DataMiner, you get reports that relate to the factors that affect the emerging trends in the industry. A few examples:

Alliance Reports - Track The Future Shape of Airline Strategies

Increasingly, it will be the global alliance, not the individual airline members, that will drive strategic decisions. There are several Data Arrays that mine relevant information that airports and airlines and financial planners can use to get a picture of how this is affecting air service:

And the reports are complete and immediately ready for further analysis...

Note that with one click, DataMiner gives the share by each member of the alliance, and can do the same for Unaffiliated carriers. "What-ifs" can be pursued to determine the effects on the airport based on known and expected strategies at a given alliance.

Arrays Of Market Share & Trend Reports

Every report produced by DataMiner is formatted with complete headers, and includes the corollary datasets that give a complete picture. Here is just one example:

Note that the report not only lists the requested data - the US Airways top markets - but also key information such as percent of originations, nonstop and actual routing yields, routing efficiency, and more. Reports can be downloaded immediately to a spreadsheet, printed, or even sorted right on the screen - including on your iPod device as well.

New Performance Reports – Standard With Aviation DataMiner™

DataMiner goes beyond other sources of aviation data. The professionals at Boyd Group International understand that much of the DOT/BTS data is still reported within the context of a pre-codeshare and pre-alliance industry. Therefore the reports are developed to provide useable data.

For example, DataMiner provides “on-time” statistics by operating entity, as well as the more-important metric of airline system. Complete data are given, including the delays reported by cause. (Example below is truncated - the report provides statistics on how the delays were classified by cause.)

Note that virtually all sources report delay performance by certificated carrier - SkyWest, Pinnacle, Delta, etc, and not by airline brand, which is far more consumer-critical. DataMiner aggregates delay performance up to the carrier-brand level, as well as by certificated operator.

Capacity & Schedule Analyses

In cooperation with our partner Innovata, LLC, Aviation DataMiner™ has an available Schedules & Capacity Data Array™ that can be customized to provide a powerful set of analytical tools. Depending on your needs, you can access data for your airport, a set of airports, or all airports across the globe. Innovata is the only source to which IATA “officially” requires airlines to report schedule and capacity data. Innovata is also the only source that accurately reports Allegiant schedules, which is important to many regional airports

Let’s look at just a couple examples of how you can tailor DataMiner™ to your strategic and business intelligence needs:

Seats By Hour – a report that is used by airport concessionaires and vendors to predict passenger volumes. For specific clients, this report is also developed to project traffic through specific airport terminals, by hour and by day.

Bank Analyses. With a couple of mouse clicks, DataMiner™ provides a report that immediately analyze arrivals and departures, as well as connectivity.

This report is a mainstay for airport and airline subscribers reviewing potential competitive opportunities and threats. Below, we show Southwest at Denver. But if you need British Airways banks at LHR, or China Airlines banks at TPE, it’s available on DataMiner™.

Pricing: Plan on a pleasant surprise. Aviation DataMiner is likely the most affordable information source in the industry. We tailor each subscription to the needs and data requirements of the user, but if you're now subscribing to a printed quarterly traffic publication (which is likely just another vendor's raw DOT numbers, errors and all), an online subscription to DataMiner may well be thousands of dollars less. Give us a call and we'll tailor a subscription to you.

So, how can we assist you?

Give us a call at (303) 674-2000, and we'll craft a subscription that meets your exact objectives. And you can rest assured that it will be better data, more incisive information, and at much less cost than the "legacy" data vendors who just want to sell you numbers.